Artist's impression related to primary (transpersonal) subjective and objective states of creation and experience, originally proposed by P.R. Sarkar (Microvita & Cosmology); the empathic / synergetic vs. cognitive / distributive wave matrix functions creating these states are directly measurable in heart and brain and are used for diagnosis and (biofeedback) training.
Source: Frank van den Bovenkamp -

CardioGem and NeuroGem
Heart and brain coherence, based on Microvita Cosmology / Wave Matrix Physics

Monitoring / training / backgrounds

Applications for health
professionals and researchers

Heart- and brain coherence form the body's wave matrix signature of flow-experience, co-creation and wholeness. Wave matrix analysis with the CardioGem and NeuroGem has made coherence measurable for the first time, and is used by health professionals and researchers worldwide for help with diagnosis, for training and biofeedback.

Common vs. greatly enhanced brain coherence as a result of biofeedback, shown here in the NeuroGem spectrogram. The trail of peaks indicates that the brain retains a steady geometric flow among variable frequencies. The geometric matrices indicate the types of brain wave coherence associated with empathic / synergetic resp. cognitive / segregative process. Out of those primary states, all our "internal" and "external" experiences are fabricated.

NEW (March 2011) "Empirical Suite" module of the NeuroGem. Online demo showing (animated) bi-hemispheric brain coherence measurements placed directly inside the cyclic diagram of generic (transpersonal) subjective and objective states. In the full scale online demo, each of the topics can be clicked to get more info in the Session Guide, just as in the real application. Click on the image to see full size demo.

Introducing Microvita Theory & - Cosmology
Extracts + full text from lectures by P.R. Sarkar - Microvitum in a Nutshell,
1986, 1989

Microvitum - the mysterious emanation of cosmic factor
The discourse is on "Microvitum, the Mysterious Emanation of Cosmic Factor." It is one of the human wonts that whatever we do not know, in order to conceal our limitations or hide our imperfections, we either say that it is non-existent, or in a more intelligent style, we will say it is abstract. In this universe. of ours, whatever comes within the scope of our senses or within the periphery of our perception, we say, "It is," and whatever is beyond the arena of the senses or the jurisdiction of perception, we cannot say anything. Hence, our world functions within the limitations of our senses and perceptions. We know in the realm of cosmic extrovert, in the first phase -- that is, in the phase of extrovert -- 'subtle' is transmuted into 'crude', and in the returning phase of introvert, 'crude' is metamorphosed into 'subtle'. In this progress, rather in this semicircular approach, there may be subtler objects in the scope of matter -- many objects subtler than electrons or protons, neutrons or positrons -- but we find no alternative but to say that they are either electron or proton or positron or neutron. And similarly, in the psychic sphere there may be entities subtler than ectoplasm or its extra-psychic coverage, endoplasm. - read full article

Microvita and Cosmology
In human beings and other animals, some propensity or other is either activated or slowed down by the impact of different inferences at various stages. Though this is not an easy subject, the impact that the inferences have at various stages on the body, mind, propensities, mass, hormones, etc. must be studied. We have to study the impact of inferences on the human body, the human mind and human psycho-spirituality. The inferences of sound, touch, form, taste and smell all operate on different planes and their effects are also different. 'Doer I' or Krta Purus'a is the concentrated form of positive and negative microvita in the universal arena, maintaining equilibrium -- functioning in the arena of the universe. Positive microvita are utilised for physico-psycho-spiritual practice. Energy is 'knower I' or Jina Purus'a, plus and minus the microvita passing through the universe. Sa'dhana' [spiritual practice - ed.] is not possible without taking proper food because the vital energy one derives from food is a transformed form of other energies. Only positive and negative microvita will not do -- vital energy is also required. - read full article


Introduction to Wave Matrix Physics
Understanding creation, life and personal experience beyond the limitations of materialism
Frank van den Bovenkamp, April 2011
Summary from "Microvita and cosmology - philosophical, physics and future science implications of P.R. Sarkar's new creational paradigm"

A new science based on the true nature of waves
Science means agreement on the interpretation of empirical data, but not necessarily on its intrinsic nature. Hence, science is essentially a magnification and sophistication of the individual viewpoint, and this is what makes it a somewhat biased approach. Empirical data is based on perception, and perception not only has a quantitative but also a qualitative side. Curiously, the quantitative aspect is taken as the object of study and discourse, whereas in fact the qualitative aspect is the actual object of observation. For example, we see color and hear sound, we don't see or hear electromagnetic waves or sound waves. It would make one strange place indeed, yet this is the universe how it is described by science.

In order to expand science beyond the constraints of individual empiricism, the challenge is not to improve the method of empiricism in the first place, but to increase its scope. Every wave has a vibration, which can be measured, and an inner quality which can be felt or perceived. The approach is that the actual perception is not some abstract creation inside our brain, but refers to and constitutes a unique realm of physics of its own. As controversial as this may seem at first, considering that our entire body is itself only a perceived "observable", a truly generic principle of perception is required to escape from endless philosophical regression. Closer to home even, one could argue that the type of "science" which does appreciate the qualitative side of perception, is art. After all, is it not esthetics which transports the observer beyond the realm of time and space, to a place of intrinsic values?

This implies a broader empirical paradigm than currently recognized and employed by science. It is a new line of thought and it will be shown how it can be approached in a methodical way. Now, even when a certain perception is clear and undisturbed, its ultimate cause is not necessarily known. To understand the original cause of the neverending flow of perception, there needs to be a certain awareness of creation. That is, there must be a subjective idea or universal creative entity plus an objective result. The idea of creation, connecting subjectivity with objectivity, is conceptuality. Human experience is a combination of perception and conception. A simple creature, for example an ant, may have extremely acute senses, but it has no conceptual powers. It has no idea of an independend creative entity and therefore it must follow the impulses of its senses at all times. Oppositely, if we as a human choose to withdraw our attention from the sensory world, we shift our focus to the developing of our conceptual powers. This way we can liberate ourselves from the endless flow of perception, and get ever closer to the universal entity which is the original cause and abode of this universe. It is, in the words of Sarkar, this beckoning of the distant ocean, which turns perception into conscious experience and evolves the biological faculties accordingly.

Transpersonal states as the original cause and template of creation and experience
So, behind every perception, behind every wave, there is a much vaster idea, an original creative entity. This original entity, does it belong to the knowing individual, or to that which is known? As nothing can exist outside the universal cause, the original idea or universal entity must equally express through the knower and the known, albeit in different ways. Therefore, both are unique and essential. Consequently, the created object is defined in part by the knowing entity, and in part by the known entity. This constitutes four creative states:

A. Knowing, subjective
A'. Knowing, objective
B. Known, subjective
B'. Known, objective

These are the principal, transpersonal subjective and objective states of creation and experience, as given by P.R. Sarkar. This diagram has profound implications in philosophy, psychology, bio-psychology, bio-physics and physics. The physics implication will be the focus here, in the form of wave physics, because this can create a scientific basis to go beyond materialistic explanations of creation, life and conscious experience.

The wave matrix - science of universal causality
The universal entity which is the origin of the combined subjective and objective creational states, first time explained by P.R. Sarkar, is referred to as the Causal Matrix. As it is at the same time the sum total of all creational waves, it is also understood as a wave matrix. The sum total of its inner transformations, accounting for all creation as well as for individual experience, is called wave matrix physics. Hence, the Causal Matrix, resp. its wave function, constitutes the universal template of creation and experience. It cannot be created or known in a normal sense, because it is the creator and knower itself. Hence, it is also the creator and knower of individual experience. That means, it is the universal cause and controller of individual perception and conception. This is why individual experience is logical, systematic and essentially progressive, unless our mind and senses are disturbed by external factors such as religious, pseudo-cultural, social, socio-political, geo-political or scientific dogmas or by exploitation, or by personal factors such as fear, superiority or inferiority complex, nervous breakdown, over-indulgence or drug abuse.

Reality being controlled by a universal entity does not contradict the pure principle of free will. We can ultimately excert free will with respect to everything that comes within the scope of our conceptual powers. That which exists beyond our conceptual powers, excerts free will with respect to us, and this is essentially benevolent. Actual free will depends on many external and internal factors. Hence, the path of developing our conceptual powers is the path of liberation from the constraints of materialism. From a slightly different perspective, we could say that the essence of free will lies in the possibility to develop ourselves. In Yogic sciences, this is referred to as "buddhi" or "viveka" which means discrimination. It is simply the positive use of intellect. Wave matrix physics is proposed as a way to make this path methodical as a physical science which can benefit society on many levels.

The wave matrix can be interpreted as the sum total of all original creative or generic or causal waves in the universe in a state of homomorphic evolution, plus its imminent power of auto-genesis through wave coherence. There are two main, creative wave matrix geometries or entities, empirically associated with segregated connectedness or cognition and one with synergy or empathy. Together they constitute the essential diagram of creation and experience of wave matrix physics. Each matrix entity is subdivided into one geometry which functions as a receptacle (i.e. of creative momentum), and the other functioning as a controller. So in total there are four primary creative wave matrix entities. A fifth functions as the central hub for the other four.

The wave matrix and the physical world
The concept of wave matrix starts to make sense if we understand how it relates to individual waves, to the forces of nature and to a universal medium. These factors together build the world we live in. The creation of waves, the forces and a medium will be explained in the light of this new empirical paradigm.

The individual waves of creation and experience are the primary expression of the wave matrix. Three main categories of waves can be discerned, depending on the type or evolutionary status:

A. A minutest fraction of vibrational energy plus empirical quality consolidates into an unbound ("blind") wave - this is a material expression, and also the potential starting point of experiencing mind; it creates substance but no structure or harmony; this type of wave is typically very short lived and is only significant in massive numbers
B. A wave is created which is vibrationally and qualitatively in harmony with the original wave matrix, in a limited sense - this is a universal or individual mental wave, related to the creation of life in general, and specifically to biology; hence, it creates structure in the elements, which is the essence of life; it is an exploratory wave and can can live for an extended period
C. A wave is an expression of the wave matrix as a whole, acting as a singularity - this is a creational or causal wave, and is only theoretically different from the original causal matrix; it facilitates structure but creates no substance; it is a creational archetype which exists essentially indefinitely

The significance of the forces, gravitation and electro-magnetism lies in a setting of natural creation, rather than in any theoretical analysis or laboratory condition. The natural world exists conceptually in the form of a gravitational force, and perceptually as an electromagnetic wave. One cannot exist without the other as they are in truth two aspects of the same causal matrix. This creates and sustains our biosphere and normal experience. On the atomic level as well as on astrophysical scales, physical reality tends to become somewhat abstract. Here, the forces can no longer play the role of creative agents themselves. They are effects of more fundamental principles and this has sparked the post-Newtonian era of quantum physics and relativity. Reversely, electro-magnetism can be known as a force and gravitation as a wave, but in these forms they do not relate to normal experience. This is the Yogic stance, or exalted inner experience of creation. In this case, the perceptual principle is like a force ("prakriti, the crudifying force, coloring the mind"), and the conceptual principle is a wave ("sacred sounds of creation"). It is a liberated stance, insofar that the Yogi has identified himself with the universal cause and is therefore no longer under the spell of his senses. The same in a pure laboratory condition yields rather fragmentary knowledge which is unrelated to life and natural creation, and for that reason cannot lead to conceptualization of a universal cause.

The medium in which the waves and forces are experienced is commonly thought of as time and space. However, time and space (space-time) is only the observer's subjective reference of a minute fraction of vibrations. It is the "Knowing, subjective" principal state. In wave matrix physics, the medium is itself creative. Due to the various accelerative influences of the wave matrix, the universal medium undergoes certain transformations. In a natural situation, these transformations are expressed and experienced as waves and forces. Therefore, the activated universal medium is closer to our personal perceptions and conceptions than to the transpersonal subjective and objective states. In the natural world the forces act as quasi causal agents, because the universal medium is not just a projection of the wave matrix, it has its own intrinsic dynamism. Hence, the universal medium possesses almost unlimited creative freedom, however with the reservation that the primary macrocosmic subjective and objective states will be kept sacred at all times, for they constitute the universal causal template. This eternal play of balancing the locally acting forces with the universal causal laws is the function of the wave matrix. There are no other hidden variables. The natural world, specifically the biosphere, exists in the form of a delicate reciprocation of waves and forces and their respective perceptual or conceptual media. That means, the generic medium of gravitation functions as the expressional medium of electro-magnetism, and vice versa. Hence, the secret of unification lies in studying the forces in their natural, expressional medium, that is, in the creation of life. The status of the universal medium at atomic levels or astrophysical scales is somewhat theoretical.

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Understanding and experiencing the transpersonal objective and subjective
states of the Causal Matrix

From concept to practical applications & developing curriculum for Microvita research
Frank van den Bovenkamp, April 2011

The scientific principle of interpreting empirical data has now been expanded to include the qualitative aspect of perception and experience in general, as well as a universal cause. This summarizes from a more or less conventional angle, P.R. Sarkars new creation paradigm based on transpersonal subjective and objective states. As these primary states form the causal template of all creation and experience, their true nature needs to be known. That is, the creative faculties of the Causal Matrix need to be deeply understood in terms of physics, as well as empirically, so that new avenues for research and practical use can be developed. Developing the intuitional powers to understand these subtle, causal states is imperative especially for main stream scientists, to overcome various sorts of dogma and narrow-mindedness, and open up to a post-materialistic paradigm. The four transpersonal states of creation and experience will now be discussed in more detail.

A. Known, subjective
This is probably the causal state most easy to understand personally, while at the same time the most elusive in physics terms. The "subjective known" or subjective density is cosmic effulgence, or simply bliss. P.R. Sarkar refers to it as Cosmic Factor. It is the universal factor that creates life, by synergizing energy of the vacuum. It is not the same as "prana" or "chi", rather it is the subjectively felt radiance which for example discriminates a living cell from a identical but lifeless specimen. It is the mystical aureole depicted around saints. It is the fundamental wave of a biotope, the vital essence of civilisations, the pinnacle of esthetics and the ultimate desideratum of all living beings. In P.R. Sarkar's microvita cosmology, it is the concentrated form of microvita. In cosmic terms, it could be associated with the black hole in the centre of a galaxy, but not meaning compressed matter - it is rather sublime, transmuted matter - it is a "black whole", cosmic essence as the ultimate form of vacuum coherence.While objectively black, it is effulgent on the subjective level, emanating blissful, harmonic waves throughout the universe. The "Known, subjective" is cosmic, but activates universal creation as well as to the individual. Key associations: synergy, being one with all, cosmic bliss.

A' Known, objective
This is objective density, probably most akin to matter as we know it, but without actual mass. It is the reduced phase of the "Known, subjective" state of density or objectified cosmic effulgence. It could be compared with virtual reality in early video-games, without "physics engine". It is the "ocean of waves" or entropy, but rather than chaos, it is implicit order. Recognizing the hidden order in the ocean, in endless combinations, is the task of the Knowing Principle. The knowing principle recognizes patterns and this substantiaties the archetypal vibrations of the fundemental elements (solid, liquid, luminous, aerial, ethereal). Actual matter is the reciprocally interlocked combination of mass and different vibrational stages, that is, "knowing, objective" plus "known, objective". . Key associations: infinite ocean of waves, infinite potentiality

B. Knowing, subjective
This is the subjective or transcendental continuum as the universal form in which vibrations are compared. It is time and space (space-time) as the psychic measurement of change. It is also referred to as the "Knowing Principle" (Sarkar) and it implicates cognition as the result of subjective, rather than objective association. It entails a sea of potential energy, and causes a semblance of density in the vibrational ocean. It is the "observer" of quantum physics in relation to the actual experiment. It is probably the most difficult transpersonal state to realize, as it cannot be known because it is the knowing entity itself. With respect to personal experience, the Knowing Principle is prominent for example in pinnacled culture. But also the continuum of celestial rhythms is proof of the Knowing Principle. The Knowing principle can be universal or individual, and in the latter case it is the cause of individuation. Key associations: transcendence, omniscience, infinite connectedness, being one with oneself.

B' Knowing, objective
This is the reduced phase of the subjective continuum. It is still referred to as "continuum", but objective. Here, the subjective, potential energy of space-time is on the verge of manifestation, allthough not in wave-form. Actual formation results from the attraction of the "Known, subjective" entity. Under this influence, the manifested energies start synergizing, creating structure in the vacuum and out of the vacuum, however not actual matter. This may account for example for what is referred to as the "dark matter" scaffold related to galaxy formation and first generation stars. The release and self-organisation of vacuum energy is what creates different forms of gravity, as a primary quality of the vacuum itself. In biology, that is, in terms of personal perception, the transformation of the knowing principle or observer is the expression of mental propensities, roughly emotion. If you are emotional, you loose yourself, your judgement a bit. This "gravitation" towards emotion is called passion. Just like the cosmic energies, your emotions may or may not be synergized with the collectivity, and create positive or negative effects. In the case of sensory perception, the synergizing of the transformed "knowing self" causes color perception. This is the qualitative aspect of waves. Key association: expressed energy, emotion.

This is a necessarily short and very basic exploration of the transpersonal creative states of microvita cosmology and wave matrix physics. Much work needs to be done to deeper understand these states in theory, in the mind and in the lab, so that intuitional and academic curriculum can be developed, as well as practical applications.

Cycle of creation and experience of microvita cosmology / wave matrix physics.
The terms Krta Purusa and Jina Purusa and their subjective and objective relationships
were originated by P.R. Sarkar.


Measuring the Matrix
Physiological and algorithmic evidence of wave matrix physics
Frank van den Bovenkamp, April 2011

The influence of wave matrix operations on the universal medium creates waves and forces. Much is known about these physical principles, in fact all physics is based on it, yet this has sofar not created any hint of the existence of a causal matrix. Also there are no real explanations of creation, life and conscious experience. The reason is simple. Empirical data in physics relates to phenomena where wave matrix operations are completely hidden, and where they are expressed, there is no idea or context how to measure them. However, in the latter case there have been a new developments, which will be discussed now.

The geometric origin of selective color empathy

Ask a child, anywhere in the world, the colors of the rainbow and it will tell you the primary colors. Ask a physicist the colors of the rainbow, and he doesn't know. The primary colors are not distinguishable in the physical spectrum, only in the mind. Yet, their frequencies are precisely known, and always the same, so there must be a consistent principle at work, obviously in our mind or brain, controlling individual perception. Science never found such a principle, and moreover, never looked for it. Yet, discerning primary colors it is not a "subjective" phenomenon per sé - it is the signature of biological perception. Understanding how individual perception works could potentially lead to new insights and applications in psycho-physiology, biophysics and even physics itself. Afterall, classical empiricism is based on the interpretation of perception, not on original creation. A consistent principle of perception has been found, and is explained with the help of wave matrix physics.

The wave matrix component of individual cognition, capturing the vibrational aspect of a wave, and the synergetic matrix component, creating actual color perception, must work together. Both matrices control and relate to the universal medium constituting the wave in a somewhat different way. This establishes a principal differential angle between the two, which directly relates to the energy and frequency of the created wave. This is one part of the equation, but this by itself does not create distinct primary colors. Besides the principal angle between the wave matrix entities, also their vertices relate angularly to one another. There is a discrete set of differential angles where both matrices precisely fit together, and these are called interdigitation angles. The interdigitation angles are the key to primary colors. At these angles, the biological mechanism of color perception functions ever so slightly better, because the wave matrix entities are geometrically aligned. This is unrelated the universal medium, hence the measurable wave energy is not influenced, it only affects the "power of perception". This way, the discrete distribution of the primary colors in the visible spectrum is the signature and proof of wave matrix physics in conscious perception.

One special and quite remarkable result of color-geometry is that among the geometrically indicated colors, one appeared not to be a primary color. This color turned out to precisely match the so-called photopic peak sensitivity, making the theory complete.

The geometric origin of selective color empathy


The experience
Perceiving primary colors and retinal peak sensitivity
The principle
Geometric interdigitation angles
The result
A straight relation between angles and primary colors
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The geometric origin of sound
What "color" is to light, is a sound to sound. However, whereas color is related to energy, sound refers to harmony. The reason is that in nature as well as in culture, colors have intrinsic meaning, whereas single tones have not. Therefore, allthough physically light and sound are of course completely different, in natural creation and experience it is ultimately not the physical, but the conceptual difference that counts. The harmony of sound waves, whether in animal sounds, in human speech or in music, is what carries an idea. This can not be achieved through a single wave or tone.

Whereas animal sounds, music or speech may have a deeper causal structure, the vowels probably represent the most primary, yet articulate use of sound. They form a discrete set, thematically somewhat akin to the set of primary colors. As each of the sounds universally recognized as vowels has a distinct spectral pattern, this points at a universal concept of harmony. A vowel is thus a sound associated with a universal conceiving pattern, and hence with original creation. The concept of sound as a universal creative principle is explained with the help of wave matrix physics.

The universal medium, under the influence of the cognitive and synergetic wave matrix entities, undergoes certain transformations which lead to the creation of normal physical waves and forces. The same entity, in order to manifest sound, that is, original creative power, must not only create energy, but must also be harmonically balanced. The harmonic balance forms the progenetrix of life and conscious experience. The influences of the dual wave matrix entities create rotational and compressive accelerations in the universal medium. If the figure of forces achieves equipoise, it becomes self-sustaining. The dual wave matrix influences have now achieved harmonic resonance, forming a creational archetype in the infinite ocean of vibrations. These universal resonance pairs are likewise identified as the resonance pairs, or so called "formants" of the vowels of human speech. Therefore, each vowel relates to a specific creational archetype. As only very specific harmonic resonance pairs are self-sustaining, there is only a limited, distinct set of vowels.

The physiology of human speech is amazingly similar to the wave matric physics of sound. In both cases, empowered patterns are created as resonance pairs in a harmonically rich environment.

The geometric origin of sound
The experience
Perceiving distinct acoustic spectra as vowels
The principle
Stable resonance pairs in universal medium
The result
Stable resonance pairs forming the formant pairs of the vowels
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The subtle plexi of bio-psychology or "cakra's"
The subtle plexi or "cakra's" *) of Yogic sciences are intuitionally perceived controlling centres connecting the body with the mind, that is, with mental propensities (roughly, "emotions"). Indirectly, the plexi are also associated with the sensor and motor organs. Allthough the plexi have distinct locations, there does not seem to exist a literal parallel in physiology. In terms of psycho-physiology, each plexus corresponds to a certain gland or combination of glands, approximately at the same location. However the internal vision is not that of glands or nerve centres, rather that of creative energy or life force, usually seen in the form of vortices, wheels or flowers. Also, each "cakra" is associated with a certain color and sound. The wave matrix analysis of the plexi only concerns the first five plexi which are associated with the elementary factors (i.e. "matter"). The higher plexi are purely spiritual and control the creational process, but are not actually involved in it.

Now instead of referring to the intuitionally perceived energies, colors and sounds as "unphysical" or "subjective", a more constructive and scientific approach is to analyze the Yogic cakra's within the extended empiricism of microvita cosmology / wave matrix physics. In the geometric origin of color and sound, wave matrix physics was related to measurable perception and conception. The wave matrix analysis of the subtle plexi takes the same approach to the level of actual experience, that is, the combination of perception and conception, which is not measurable. Therefore, in wave matrix physics, the subtle plexi are centres of experience, insofar mental propensities are concerned and as such they form a connection between body and spirit, rather than body and mind. Through the CNS (Central Nervous System), the plexi are also associated with the sensor and motor organs.

As the plexi relate to experience as a whole, rather than to perception or conception, the wave matrix analysis of the plexi is not specifically related to wave energy or wave harmony, but to the wave matrix itself. It means that the system of plexi of bio-psychology as a whole represents the complete wave matrix of creation and experience. Whereas the intuitional perception of the plexi is not actually measurable (such as with color or sound), the number of propensities associated with each plexus can be counted. Further, each plexus as a whole, being the sum total of associated propensities, represents a more or less universal bio-psychological center.

The system of plexi of bio-psychology in the form of these empirical realities, is explained based on wave matrix physics. As with the geometric origin of color and sound, the two main matrix components, the cognitive and synergetic, are the main controlling entities. The structure as a whole is defined by the two major creational flows or waves being controlled by the matrix entities. The first is the fundamental "creation / withdrawal" phase of mind itself (at that stage not really individual), associated with the Yogic 6th. cakra, the controlling centre of the mind. The second is the "activating / inhibiting" phase of physiology, associated with the autonomous nervous system, as well as with the so called "nadi's" (subtle energy channels) of Yogic sciences. The creational flows directly control the fifth or ethereal plexus, through a total of 2 (creational) x 2 (physiological) x 4 (primary matrices) = 16 anti-nodes of the physiological waves. This essentially represents the system as a whole. The subtle physiological flows form the main structure of the system, controlled by the five basic plexi. The first or terrainian plexus is the terminus of the physiological flow, consisting of wave nodes related to each of the 4 primary matrix entities. The wave matrix component associated with segregation / cognition and individuation has 6 cardinal geometric orientations constituting the second or fluidal plexus. The wave matrix component associated with sysnrgy / empathy has 12 cardinal geometric orientations constituting the fourth or aerial- or solar plexus. The fifth primary matrix entity forming the hub of the system, has 10 interdigitation angles (explained with the geometric origin of color), forming the third or igneous plexus. A summary and the complete system are shown below. For the 2nd., 3rd.and 4th. plexi, the mental propensities (sub-vortices,etc..) are shown as the complete wave matrix viewed from the proper cardinal angle.

* The correct spelling in Roman Sanskrit is "cakra", pronounced as "chakra".

The geometric origin of the subtle plexi of bio-psychology
The experience
Intuitional ("Yogic") perception of bio-psychological controlling centres as subtle energies in the form of vortices, wheels or flowers
The principle
Subtle physiological (activation / inhibiting) flows controlled by wave matrix entities
The result
Wave matrix explanation of the plexi, their connections and number of mental propensities


The wave matrix in heart and brain electrophysiology

In the discussion on the wave matrix and the physical world, three essential types of physical waves were discerned. The second type is a "wave which is vibrationally and qualitatively in harmony with the original wave matrix, in a limited sense - this is a universal or individual mental wave, related to the creation of life in general, and specifically to biology; hence, it creates structure in the elements, which is the essence of life; it is an exploratory wave and can can live for an extended period". This is the type of wave which can be diagnosed in psycho-physiology, and is used for heart and brain coherence training and biofeedback.

Below image is used as a reference by researchers and health professionals. The essence of heart and brain coherence training (and, most importantly: life style!), is to learn to personally intuit, feel and understand the transpersonal subjective and objective states of creation and experience, originally given by P.R. Sarkar. Because they are transpersonal, these states are free from personal affiliations, afflictions and subconscious fear- or other patterns. They are the universal planes of mental and emotional empowerment, expansion, resourcefulness and peace. The realization of these universal resources is accelerated by developing the personal cognitive and empathic powers, which means increasing the corresponding universal wave matrix coherence in heart and brain. It is the natural process of personal growth and learning, or it can be done in concentrated form therapeutically. Wave matrix analysis can thus be used as help with diagnosis, as progress indicator in combination with existing therapies or training and especially as very advanced biofeedback method. As wave matrix analysis is itself per definition neither purely subjective, nor purely objective, the method is used best by an experienced therapist, who possesses not only the knowledge but also the intuitional skills to guide their clients into discovering and utilising his or her unlimited resources.

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